Simultaneous interpreting, remote or in person French/English <> Spanish/Catalan International Development, Environment, NGOs, Business & Marketing, IT Multilingual meetings, conferences, courses, events

Do you need a trustworthy interpreting service
for a conference or meeting?
That’s exactly what I provide as a professional interpreter!

Patricia de Gispert

Hello! My name is Patricia, and I’m from Barcelona, Spain. My love for languages dates back to when I was 15 and I went to Arkansas (United States) as an exchange student for 10 months. I was excited to come back speaking English fluently.

It was an amazing experience that opened my mind and made me realize that there are many ways of living. And since then, I have become fluent in French as well and have lived in Australia, Colombia, New Zealand, India and now France.

The first time I saw a booth at university I knew I wanted to become an interpreter!

Love thy... profession!

Simultaneous interpreting is a very demanding job that requires a lot of concentration: I listen to the message in one language, understand it, analyze it, and then transfer it to the other language while still listening to what is being said!

Even after so many years, every time I enter the booth, I feel an adrenaline rush that I just love!

I enjoy meeting people

I live in the South of France, but I often work in Barcelona and Paris, and I am available to travel all over Europe.

At the moment, I work mainly remotely but I love travelling and working at in-person events where I can work side-by-side with my colleagues and meet my clients.

I’m technologically savvy!

The pandemic has had devastating effects, but a few positive things have also come out of it. In my case, I have learnt to use virtual conference platforms and other technology to carry out my work remotely andw serve my clients with the highest level of professional interpreting.

I have a wide range of experience…